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What about this?

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Anybody else gotten this sent to them? I'm curious; anyone know anything? (I've placed the letter in quotes; it was sent to me by an involved party.)

"Hello Members,

Many of you have been asking what NAHI is doing to protect itself from NACHI and the negative allegations. Previously we could not discuss the process as it could have jeopardized our case. I can finally give you some information: NAHI filed a lawsuit against NACHI on Wednesday, April 26, 2006.

As many of you know, the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors, Inc., mostly by and through its founder, Nick Gromicko, has engaged in a vendetta against NAHI and its members, including attempts to destroy the business of NAHI members by making false and defamatory statements to real estate agents and others. In addition, NACHI has engaged in a campaign of falsely advertising its members as being "certified" as the best and most educated home inspectors in the industry, even though it requires only payment of the annual fee, four "mock" or fabricated inspection reports, passage of a minimal online test, and meeting several other similar minimum requirements to join. Contrary to these representations, a person with little or no home inspection experience or training can become "certified" by NACHI and, in fact, NACHI has a number of members who have never conducted a fee-paid home inspection. Moreover, NACHI advertises to real estate agents that it does not have a dual level membership system, which is false. We have recently also discovered that NACHI has been infringing on the NAHI name and trademarks in violation of the law by using NAHI's name in the embedded and other data on its websites so that internet searches for the "National Association of Home Inspectors" will return NACHI websites. This is in addition to the confusion that has been caused by Nick Gromicko's use of the name "National Association of Certified Home Inspectors" in order to trade on the large investment by NAHI and its members in building the name and reputation of the association and its members.

We made several demands for Nick Gromicko and NACHI to cease and desist from this unlawful conduct, but we did not receive a satisfactory response. The continued actions of Nick Gromicko and others at NACHI are unacceptable and harmful to NAHI and its members. Accordingly, we have initiated a federal court lawsuit against NACHI. In the lawsuit, we are bringing claims for unfair competition, trademark infringement, false designation of origin, trademark dilution, false registrations, consumer protection act violations, defamation, and tortious interference. We are asking the court to enter injunctive relief precluding further misconduct by NACHI and Nick Gromicko, and to award NAHI damages.

Our attorneys have asked us to provide them with any documents, emails, web site printouts, and other information that we may have that further evidences the misconduct of NACHI and Nick Gromicko. If you can be of assistance in this matter, please contact Mallory Anderson, our Executive Director, or a member of the Board. While there can be no guarantees that any lawsuit filed will ultimately be successful, we plan on vigorously litigating this matter. We will keep you apprised as to the status.

Thank you,

David J. Kratoska, CRI

NAHI President"

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Classic Nickifor reply on his clubs board: (PS I can not confirm that this is real as it was sent to me)


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Re: NAHI law-suit against NACHI


NAHI has come up with yet another new reason to blame NACHI for so many of their members quitting NAHI and jumping over to NACHI. They now say that their members have quit NAHI and joined NACHI because we have NAHI in our metatags. Silly. As if that is the reason they quit NAHI to join NACHI.

I can save NAHI a ton of money and time and just tell them why they are losing so many members to NACHI.... http://www.nachi.org/1001.htm

Furthemore, we got it goin' on (as they say): http://www.nachi.org/whats_new.htm

Look, I don't hold a gun to any NAHI member's head and order him to quit NAHI and join NACHI. They do it of their own free will. Blaming me or NACHI for their demise is absurd. The answer to NAHI's membership hemorrhaging can be found in their total lack of reasons for their members to stay... in other words... they need to look into their own mirror.

And finally, NACHI has no rule that requires an inspector to quit NAHI to join NACHI. NAHI needs to figure out how to hold on to its own members.... like NACHI does. I am very conscious of the fact that inspectors are free to choose to join all associations, one association, or none. Our 99% renewal rate (the highest of any trade association in the world, not just home inspection associations) is an honor we earned. I will work every day to make sure NACHI holds on to that top honor (which says everything). I suggest NAHI use their energy to try to do likewise, instead of spending it on filing lawsuits and sending out emails that blame others... like sissies.


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