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Do you move any appliances?

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Boy, that's always a sticky wicket. I have moved appliances, but I avoid it like the plague. About six years ago I tore the h&*l out of a kitchen floor moving a refrigerator. Fortunately, the buyer was gracious and planning to replace the floor anyway.

Ya gotta be prepared to repair or replace what you damage moving appliances.

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It actually tested dry to the Tramex. The leak had been repaired (according to the current occupant) immediately after they moved in back in Nov. No drywall was replaced though because the complexes maintenance man said it didn't need to be. It looks like it flourished while it was nice and wet, then became the brownish dry 'mold' it is in the picture.

Of course there was nothing in the disclosure (according to the buyer, I did not see it) about a repaired leak at the water line stub...

I'm never surprised by what people will not reveal....

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