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Why vent a laundry room?

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I had a client ask me today why a laundry room (hall closet in this case) had to have a vent fan. I had a little trouble answering this. I said the obvious "high humidity" but he pointed out that the washer was a closed system and the dryer vented to the exterior. Any ideas why this is a code requirement?

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-I think a code requirement is a blanket statement that doesn't address specific and 'custom' installations. In this particular case, one might be able to make an argument that a vent is unnecessary

-Not sure what a closed system is, but the washer and dryer will still generate heat which is still a good thing to vent, especially on a summer day

-Fan is a good thing to have as inevitably the dryer vent duct will disconnect or get a hole and then you'll have warm, moist air inside the closet.

Just some thoughts - good question, though. Makes you think!

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If I am understanding you correctly, you must report method of ventilation and not necessarily a mechanical ventilation fan? Much like a bathroom that has a window, but no powered vent fan?

Dryers move a ton of air, so a combustion appliance would be problematic and an electric would also starve for air to load the water into. I think an inspector should always be aware of the air capacity of any space; bedrooms, utility rooms, bathrooms, furnace and water heater areas, etc..

Front loading washers are a closed system, but top loader are not. Have you ever sniffed nasty socks being washed? With front loaders, you do not smell anything.

Professional sniffer that I am!

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