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GFCI/ Wires


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I have a few questions:

1.What is Not a potential water entry point in the electrical service entrance mast?

an open service mast cap

GFCI electrical outlet plate cover

roof flashing around the mast or a

meter base

2.What is the primary purpose of an electrical service drip loop? Hint:to prevent water from what?

3.All electrical wires should clear flat roofs by:

4.Should Oil furnace exhaust flues run level?

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Hi Steve, welcome to the TIJ. I'm Jim Katen, the moderator of the electrical forum here.

Please don't take offense, but before anyone responds to this, I'd like to know where these questions came from. You see, if they're part of an association exam, that association might not appreciate having them discussed openly.

If you got them from a book or study guide, that's fine. We can discuss them all you want.

So where are they from?

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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