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Air in Water?


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Got a friend in the hinterlands that has owned her house about 10 months; well & septic. After having her fixtures spit air & water @ her, she called a well contractor & they said "you have too much air in the water".

Their recommended fix is the installation of some sort of "de-air-er" system that takes excess air out of the water. Cost, about $4000. Yeah, 4 Large.

Anyone have any inkling what the heck this system might be? I've never heard of such a thing.

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Hi Kurt,

My little reference book for these systems is Cottage Water Systems by Max Burns. Reading that was quite an education - and fun too. Anyway, from everything I read there, it sounds like you've got a crack in the intake line someplace.

Pick it up. Even if it doesn't help in this case, you'll learn a lot about private water systems that were puzzling before.



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