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Lstiburek's Moisture Control Handbook Free Online

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Lstiburek & Carmody's classic, the Moisture Control Handbook is now available free online as a downloadable pdf document at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory site at:

http://www.ornl.gov/sci/roofs+walls/fac ... ndbook.pdf

This is a 273 page document (22 MB download) so make sure that you've got a fast computer, fast connection and plenty of spare space on your hard drive, or lots of paper, a fast printer and 20 minutes to kill.

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Not really, I've got a lot of stuff that I downloaded while I was on dialup years ago. It used to take me 4, 5 sometimes 6 reconnects to get something printed because it would time out. Then I increased the ram in that old computer and bought a printer that did 17ppm in black and white and had a big buffer and life got easier. I was on dialup for a couple more years after that, then I went to DSL and a couple years after that to cable.

It was a pain in the keester, but it can still be done with dialup if you've got enough ram and your printer buffer can hold enough of the document.

Or, here's a thought, I can email it to you as an attachment. Can your email program handle that?



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Hi Chris,

Yeah I guess I can remember when it was harder to read from the screen. I guess I got use to it after many years. I can definitely understand Mikes dilemma.

Hey Phillip,

Is there any particular reason you are still on dialup? I was wondering since, it took me all of 8 seconds to download the 273 page Moisture Handbook and 4 hours on a 22MB file no longer sits with me very well. I remember those days. Arrrgh! [:-crazy]

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