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AFCI in condo conversions


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Here's a question regarding condo conversions. When an apartment unit is being converted to condos, does the unit need to be supplied with AFCI in the bedrooms? It seems to be a grey area as to weather the conversion needs to meet current standards...ok ok, or code there I said it.

Thanks for the help.

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If the remodel is being done under a permit and the local AHJ has adopted the 1999 (1/1/2002) to 2005 then it is required the bedrooms be on AFCI.

An important note to also consider is on effieciency condos....if the sleeping area is also the living area...then the AFCI would technically apply to that location as well.

Erby is correct in the BEST way to know this is to call your local AHJ and ask them 1.) Which NEC they are observing and 2.) are they observing 210.12 for ARC Fault's in the bedrooms and this should give you the answer.

Now if someone says NO they are not required yet they have adopted the 1999(1/1/2002 ) thru 2005, request this in written form....any ammendment or local addition or subtraction of an adopted code would need to be ratified and in written form...regardless of what the AHJ would like to enforce.

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