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Visual Thesaurus

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If you are a visual learner like I am then I think you will find this to be a really cool and useful tool.

"What is it? The Visual Thesaurus is an interactive dictionary and thesaurus with an innovative display that encourages exploration and learning. You'll understand language in an exciting new way. To understand the power of the Visual Thesaurus, you really need to see it in action. Type in your favorite word and give it a try!"


Disclaimer: I have no connection with these folks financial or otherwise.

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I kinda like it. I've been fiddling for a day, and I got my daughter interested in the interactive nature of it.

Personally, I like my basic Thesaurus.com, but this is good; anything that gets folks thinking about language is good.

Words. They're inadequate, but they're all we got.

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Originally posted by Jerry Simon

"Words. They're inadequate, but they're all we got."

Not really. I've been sending you telepathic images all day, and they work just fine. I know, 'cause you're ignoring them just like you ignore me in person.

Where's the love?

Where's the spirit of Christmas? [:-angel]

I'm not ignoring you; I just don't want us to be seen in public together.

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Pretty cool but I noticed that it lacks common associations in the construction industry but I imagine this would be true with any sub group and of course with any standard thesaurus. For example I was expecting a link between horizontal and lateral and settlement and consolidation etc.

What would be cool is a wikipedia like version where we could edit it to include word associations common in our industry.

Chris, Oregon

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I stumbled across this visual thesaurus a few days ago while I was using an on-line reverse dictionary.


In a reverse dictionary you type in a phrase and it returns a list of words. The list might help you to find that word that is on the tip of your tongue but which you just cannot seem to grab. From the list of words you can then go to a list of on-line dictionaries to explore their meanings. I saw an entry for the visual thesauraus and said to myself "self, let's check this thing out".

I have a paper thesaurus and when on-line, like Kurt, I use thesaurus.com. The thing that really struck me as I began playing with the visual thesaurus was how quickly I came to start to understand the subtle differences in meaning between related words, without really trying to do so. I just don't get the same effect when I read a list of words in a standard thesaurus. Not everyone processes information the same way but this way works very well for me. Listening to someone speak is extremely ineffective for me but could work well for someone else.

Jim - yeah. I would draw bubble diagrams when in the early planning stages of big engineering projects and in meetings when discussing things that are connected to each other.

Chris - a wiki style would be cool as long as accuracy could be maintained.

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