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Mystery Electrical Control Box


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What sort of electrical device? What's being reversed? As Scott said, "Picture?"

Originally posted by dtontarski

I spotted this electrical device on the wall in a 1950ish home the other day. There was a toggle switch on an adjacent wall that reversed it. Anybody have any ideas on what this might have been used for.

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Bill - There was sealed off area near it that I thought may have been a window type AC install, and a toggle switch that reversed this device. It was a camp that was winterized over the years, and I'm guessing this was a owner install of some type. It was near a large window and could well have been some type of curtain control device. I'd be surprised, considering this wasn't a very upscale property, but I'm surprised more than I'd like to be. I think you might be on to something with the curtain control ideal.

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