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Anyone looking to retire soon?

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Who the hell said that I was retiring?

However, I gotta tell ya, there's more to that B & B stuff than meets the eye. It isn't anything to scoff at and can actually be pretty lucrative.

About 10 years ago, my step-mother turned my Dad's massive 1906 Dutch colonial into a B & B. They had something like 5-6 rooms they'd rent out. Within just a few months, they found themselves booked up virtually every weekend year-round and 7 days of the week during the spring and summer months.

They discovered that most of their B & B clientele were well-to-do and would network a lot. So, word got around and their client base grew quickly. One of those clients, a lady executive from Boston, not being a very good driver, managed to talk my Dad into driving the 300+ miles every Friday from his home up to Boston to pick her up. Then she'd stay the weekend to spend it riding her horses at a local high-end stable and he'd drive her back on Sunday evenings - all for a pretty sweet fee. Maybe she could have flown it more cheaply, but she apparently wasn't very comfortable flying.

So, besides the houses he had under construction at the time, he started a limousine service on the side, picking up the city folk who were coming for the weekends and hauling them back to the train station at the end of the weekend. He found out that it paid pretty decently. Remember, he was in his late 70's at the time and had cut way back on his construction projects.

Then, a few years after they began the process, the lady executive in Boston decided that she wanted something a little more sure-footed than the Lincoln he was driving. So, she purchased one of those big BMW SUV's and left it with him. He'd pick her up on Friday, she'd use it all weekend, he'd take her home on Sunday, and then he had the thing all week. Pretty sweet!

By the time they sold that home, built a new one and set up another B & B down the street, my step-mom had a steady year-round business, they'd established hundreds of new business contracts, had made many new friends and he had dialed way back on their construction involvement, thus reducing his stress level to the point where they could comfortably take several vacations a year.

Eventually, it enabled him to be able to have another house built in Florida and he finally retired and moved down there last year. If it hadn't been for the fact that they wanted to move to warmer weather, they'd still be at it in New York and would still be doing pretty well for themselves.

That second B & B was up for sale in New York (Dutchess County). It sold, but then the financing fell through for the buyers, so it went back on the market. I don't know whether it's re-sold again. Anyone interested?



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