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New roof installed wrong

Chris Bernhardt

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Clients father miffed that I didn't just call for the replacement of the roof. It's about 1 year old architectual overlaying 1 layer of 3 tab and put on by the homeowner who is a licensed limited contractor performing mainly carpentry like decks and room remodels.

Quote:Roof: The roof leaks in the right valley and roofing is installed incorrectly around penetrations such as the roof and plumbing vents and the skylight. There is an exposed staple in the right valley and the plumbing vent flashings were reused and have damaged seals. So far the leaking is only visible up in the attic along the right valley however the mis-installation of the roofing means that latent defects are more likely since the roofing was apparently not installed by a professional roofer. Have a QUALIFIED roofer inspect the roof subject to a roof certification, perform repairs and certify the roof. Be sure to tell the roofer that the roof has active leaking in the right valley. Until the roofing is installed correctly you may have to renew certifications as they expire to have a warranty covering the water tightness of the roof. See photo 5 on page 6. See photos 1, 2, 3 & 4 on page 7.

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Would you have called for replacement under these circumstances?

If so how would you word it?

The roofing is not installed properly, correctly, and per manufacturers installation instructions. Have a roofer reroof the house properly.

Chris, Oregon

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I don't ever "call for replacement". I'd say something like...

"There are multiple defects @ 1, 2, 3,..... Roof repairs to correct these sorts of defects usually results in replacing large portions of roofing; if you're replacing part, you should just replace all of it, as it's likely that more defects will be discovered as part of the repairs."

I like to use phrases like "Replacing only part of a roof is false economy". Folks seem to understand "false economy".

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