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Testing Electric Condensate Pumps


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Anyone have a good trick for testing these?

Sometimes, if its 'reasonable', I'll fill a pitcher of water I've grabbed from the Kitchen and fill the pump til the float switch kicks it on.

Usually, though I don't mess with it as the house may be empty (no dishes!) or the furnace is in a crawl space or some other remote location. I'm not carrying a pitcher with me every inspection - I've got too many other more important tools already!!

Any tricks for testing these without filling them with water?

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If it's full of water; most likely it's not workin'...

Water is your best bet. I would never dry run a pump of any kind. What would happen if you got the float stuck. If there is a safety switch to the unit (usually in commercial applications) test that by unplugging the pump and fill with water.

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