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For Ex-Airborne Deciding On Their Next Vacation

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For all of you ex strap hangers out there:


Dear Fellows,

INTERNATIONAL AIRBORNE OPERATIONS is running another Airborne operation in South East Asia. For the 4th time we will train and jump with Special Forces units in the paradise-like countries Thailand and Cambodia. Term: October, 26th to November, 4th 2007.

Several jumps (including a water-jump) from different platforms with different jumpmaster teams as well as shooting, fast rappelling and diving is scheduled. Besides the military program a lot of cultural program and sight-seeing in Angkor, Phnom Penh and central Thailand is offered to receive a completer view of the hosting countries.

Accompanying persons (for example wives and girl-friends of participants and up to 2 photographers) who are not joining the jumps are welcome in limited Numbers to join this operation. In Thailand they will receive a separated program including opportunities for wellness, shopping and more sigh-seeing.

For novices in military parachuting INTERNATIONAL AIRBORNE OPERATIONS is running an Airborne beginner course with a military Airborne school with NATO Standard in advance to the operation.

If you would like to receive more information please let me know as soon as possible. Contact me by Eickerstefan@aol.com or Eicker-fschjggr@gmx.de

Because the course I almost completely booked, only very limited places are still available. First come - first served.



Stefan Eicker





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