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My website part 2


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I am currently building a website also. It will be up for its shot on the firing line soon enough. I did have a few comments.

I personally think the links on the left would be better if you could see them all at once (in a seperate frame, maybe? smaller also.)

Why do you have three sites? I know one is a blog, which I would link to as "My Blog" or something like that. The other site covers a lot of the same info, do you really need to link to it?

On the bottom of the page, are those other links? Some of the text at the very bottom is hard to read due to the color.

I know you posted this a while ago, but I am just now building my own, and therefore doing research here.

By the way, I love your report, that is really great.

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Bob...I'm no expert, and some of this may be a bit harsh...but you asked.

This is just for the home page.

So...almost the first thing you do is tell people to go elsewhere! If you must have those links...put them at the bottom, perhaps with a brief explanation of what they are.

I already know what date it is...thankyou! If you want that, stick it in a corner and small.

The picture of you on the ladder is cute, and you could use it elsewhere, but a guy with a hard hat hanging onto a ladder doesn't yell at me "This is a trained professional". By all means, use a photo of yourself on the home page but find one that's a bit more "generic" and better quality (higher res).

Briefly explain why you are the guy they want on the home page. Most won't get much further than this. Licensed by the state is good and meaningful, but most homeowners don't know a "nachi" from their elbow, and don't care. Move that towards the end. I'd want to know you are going to do a thorough home inspection, period.

The rest of the photos and logos on the left side are distracting. So you take credit cards and hawk home warranties...fine, but tone it down a bit. The leaning picture of the condo and the guy cradling a loaf of bread (?) do nothing for me.

The "find out why" should take me somewhere.

Have someone help with your grammar, sentence structure and punctuation.

IE: Elliott home inspection is a rapid response owner operated home and condo inspection company, friendly, courteous and personal service.

Should read (at the least)... Elliott home inspection is a rapid response, owner operated, home and condo inspection company, offering friendly, courteous and personal service.

Remove links to pages "Under construction".

Finally, get rid of the "still ugly" house shape links.

Don't shoot the messenger!

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Hi Steven,

Night and day! Very professional look. The only thing I would suggest is putting your contact phone number on EVERY page. Don't make them go looking for it if they already like what they see.

As for Bob...I know I was a bit blunt, but I assume he is going to be relying on his site for at least some of his income. I could have said..."Ooooh, it's just lovely, isn't it?" in a British accent, but that wouldn't really help. I hope he took it as constructive criticism.

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Wow over load.

Believe it or not I explain how I got three sites right on the front page of chicagolandhomeinspection.

Without going into a lot of detail the simple answer is to check and see my rankings on the search engines.(hint:links)

With no training what so ever I am totally out ranking some quite experienced pro's.

Four months ago I could not even type my threads on this forum.Thank you Dragon Naturally Speaking which I no longer need.

I agree 100% on the Elliott Home Inspection site comments and will get around to a totally different look.

Steve's site is Kick butt,however I am planning something a little different as I feel one must realize people are in a hurry,and not interested in to much detail.

(I do appreciate Blunt Comments)

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I am experimenting and changing things all the time.

Steve I thought I was using Times Roman as I read somewhere that people find it the most relaxing due to the fact it is what newspapers use.

Still I will check into that as my own screen is 27 inch and may give me a different perspective.

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