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opinions needed for giant junction box


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Well, it's busy, but it doesn't look like it violates the fill limitation. Hope they've got one or two screws securing that cover in place. A little quibble with the wiring attachment, though, The NM needs to be secured within a foot of where it enters that box, so there are quite a few wires where they screwed that up. Then you've got the large number of wires under that clamp on the upper right. Because it's out in the air and can cool readily, I'm not sure whether that violates the 'no more than 4 bundled' rule. Jim?



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I was educated by a really smart electrician once when I asked the question "How many wires, space, etc.?".....

He answered, "The amount of wiring allowed is that which fits easily & comfortably", or something like that.

I know that will bother the folks that memorize C&V, but there's a certain nice sense to it.

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Wires do require a specific amount of space for dissipating heat in a junction box.

#14 awg. 2 cu. in.

#12 awg. 2.25 cu. in.

#10 awg. 2.5 cu. in.

The yoke on a switch or receptacle

2X cu. in. of the largest conducter in the box.

A wire passing straight through (no splices) only counts as one.

All the grounds collectively, count as one (the largest ground wire)

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