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Well Flow Test

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How would you explain the difference between a 20 min well flow test and a 60 minute well flow test?
I don't do well testing, but I've seen lots of well guys do them concurrently with my inspections.

I can't recall anyone ever doing a flow test in 20 minutes; that amount of time can't tell you much. Most of the tests I've seen last about 3 hours. It isn't unusual for a well to do fine for the first two hours then crap out in the third.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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Happened to catch this....both are probably useless unless you have a shallow well column and reasonably low replinishment (less than the well pump rate).

Well yield is time-intensive and unless you are fairly gifted mathematically & know stuff about head pressure, its not worth the hassle.

Most master plumbers or well drillers will test for yield rates for 3 hrs, recording at 15 min intervals.

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