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Check out this incredible saw!!!


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As I understand it, the mechanism puts a small amout of electricity on the blade, when it hits something that'll draw the charge (hot dog, fingers, and the like) it trips the brake - embedding the blade into the brake. The blade and brake then need to be replaced.

The saws start at around $4500 (my brother in law is "now" looking into getting one).


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Originally posted by StevenT

That is really amazing. Too bad it's so expensive. I realize that if it saves even one accicent, it's worth every cent. But, since it is so expensive, most guys can't afford it.

I thought I'd heard that someone had a version that could be retrofitted onto any tablesaw?

How does it differentiate between a piece of flesh and a soaking wet piece of fir?

I've had two crew members run their thumbs through tablesaws over the years. It's a most inconvenient process.

- Jim in Oregon

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Yes, when these came out about 10 years ago it was a retrofit kit for saws.

Jeez, I didn't realize that I'd been so out of touch with my woodworking that I didn't know they'd developed their own brand of saw.

OT - OF!!!


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