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Continuous Radon Monitoring


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Originally posted by Junoir

What is the "Best" choice for radon testing?

You need to check and see if you have Radon problems in you your area. If you don't have radon problems then getting into the testing business will be like throwing money out the door.

For real estate transactions CRM's are the only way to go, IMO.

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CRM's have their benefits, but I don't think they're "the only way to go". Let me offer another point of view:

You can charge $150 or so for CRM's, but you have costs involved, the largest of which is the return visit.

I charge $75 for charcoal canisters that cost me $19 and take ten minutes to deploy during the inspection.

For my business, the latter makes MUCH more sense.

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No, Realtors do nothing for me. Well, my wife does get me going every once in a while. We are a multi-inspector company and everyone cross trains for everything except actual home inspections.

For example, the office mgr is trained to place and pick-up crms. Everyone is licensed to do WDI, etc.

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Originally posted by Jim Morrison

My clients retrieve the canisters. I just sell the kits and deploy them.

In NJ that is not legal - DEP requires a licensed Radon Tech to pickup the device. I also use CRM's and when possible deploy them 2-3 days in advance of the inspection - it gives me a chance to get a sneak peak at what is there, sometimes very helpful. I tell the sellers "if your gonna open the windows the monitor will know... and if I have to come back again it won't be for free" It's really cut down on the number of issues.

If it's summer and the house does not have A/C (god I hate those) I tell my client "there's a slim chance they are going to keep the windows closed when it gets to be 85-95 degrees in here and offer them the opportunity to due the test at a later date, for a slightly higher fee since it won't be with the inspection, they usually go that way.

CRM's are great but I really hate that extra cost to me, wether I have work or not...

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