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Rigid Bulge Under Siding


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The house is less than 2 years old. Found a few rigid spots under the siding around one window. First thought is nails popping out. Possibly around some nailing flange for the window (If there is one)

If so; could this be caused by the sloppy window installation? It seemed to be isolated to the area around this window.

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Couldn't get a real good picture.

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It just looks buckled - buckling can be quite stiff. Did the installer allow clearance for expand/contract? Did you actually feel something physical under there?

J-channel nails could be popping out, but that shouldn't be the case for a 2 year-old home where there's solid framing to nail to.

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No, there is definitely something in back of the siding. I'm 99% sure it is a nail popping out. My pictures aren't the best unfortunately. (I don't have the technology to create a hologram)

My main concern is if the nails are for the window. I couldn't find any manufacturer's stamp or name on any of the windows, but I'm sure they are on the lower end.

As of now I'm just going to report: further investigation...

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Thanks Gary, & Everybody.

The client just called me, and said he went out there and could see & feel the (possible)nail heads. He agrees there is something fishy with that particular window. He wants to remove a portion of siding. I asked him to keep me informed. It's not that far from my house so maybe when this happens I can shoot out there and see exactly what this is.

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