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H.I. Want to Know - Is Fiberglass Hazardous?


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A home inspector who is concerned about whether he is harming his health by exposing himself to the dust from fiberglass insulation recently posed that question to the Journal of Light Construction (JLC) Online. He was answered by Jeffrey May, principal scientist at May Indoor Air Investigations in Cambridge, MA, who incidentally is also a home inspector.

To read May's response, click here.

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I was involved in a very long and protracted legal battle that involved fiberglass. The main issue in that cause was fiberboard ductwork material(s). Can't really get into the details, but I came away with the opinion/attitude that fiberglass insulation material is an irritant, friable, can cause problems in some folks and the American Lung Association does not seem to like it as a material.

Mr. May's response may not be exactly scientifically correct. Without additional research, I'd put the response in my "inspector folklore" file. I think he may have given a measured response that many inspectors will quote and not really be correct.

I feel fiberglass will become a very important issue in the future, as we have many clients that will not purchase a home that has fiberglass batt type insulation, or if they do purchase they will have it removed.

Who knows?

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It ranges from dirty white to medium gray mulched newsprint. Sometimes it's light brown and clearly made from mulched cardboard. It's usually so finely ground that you can't make out that it was ever part of a publication. However, sometimes, very rarely, you'll find that it's not ground too fine and can actually see letters on it. It's dry and dusty and treated with borate so it won't burn. Makes a great sound deadener and is great as a draft stop.

OT - OF!!!


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