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Watts Radiant Seminar Updates


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Attention Inspectors:

We are just a little over six weeks away from hosting the first ever Radiant Heating Seminar for Inspectors. We at Watts Radiant are confident that you will walk away with a wealth of knowledge geared to help you with your next Radiant Heating System inspection.

We have 11 inspectors registered at this time and have room for 9 more. Remember, the first 20 inspectors that sign up will not be charged the $125 registration fee. Please keep in mind that the cost while you are with us is deferred. You are only responsible for your transportation to and from our facility.

With that note, we would like to know what kinds of issues many of you are experiencing with regards to inspecting radiant heating systems? Your feedback will be very useful to us while you are visiting us. We want to be sure that you leave Springfield, MO with the confidence to inspect electric or hydronic radiant systems.

Please use this wonderful forum to allow us to start addressing some of your issues even before you arrive.

Also, if you have any questions about the seminar, the content to be covered, or the particulars of travel, please pick up the phone and call me. I can be reached at 417-447-8055.

On a side note, if any of you are planning to arrive in either Kansas City or St. Louis and drive to Springfield from either location, there are other inspectors that are willing to share a car with you and split the costs. Just let me know.

To register online click here.

Warm regards,

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Originally posted by rmiller1963

With that note, we would like to know what kinds of issues many of you are experiencing with regards to inspecting radiant heating systems?

I'm assuming you'll plug us full of all kinds of information, from the basics to complex setups I hope, (if my brain can handle it).

I think to competently assess a radiant heat system, I need education on when, where and why the different valves and pumps are assembled in the manner they are.

Here in Seattle, I see so many variations on a theme, I can't tell what's right and what isn't.

Also, what's happeing here seems to be using upright water heaters for the heating plants. Info on this vs. boilers vs. on-demand units would be helpful.

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I am from an area of cornfield palaces, post WWII and turn of the century houses. The history of the systems would be helpful for identification and inspection. Inspectors often need that historical perspective to address our client's questions.

I am looking forward to "absorbing" knowledge about all the new stuff. I would also like to know what is on the horizon.

Ron, could you send my wife an e/m and tell her that she is not allowed to ride along with me? How about she can't be within 150 miles of Springfield. She has relatives in that area.

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I'm unclear on the issues related to primary & secondary circulation loops; when they're necessary, or not.

Glycol additives?

Pipe/tubing to floor area ratios? IOW, how much pipe in what type of floor systems? There's still an ongoing belief around here that radiant can't be used w/wood floors.

Manifold design & setup; I see all sorts of goofball assemblies.

Snowmelt systems. How does one keep the boiler from cracking when the (very cold) return water is dropped into the system?

I have all sorts of general installation questions; I'll wait until I get there for those.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I plan to attend this seminar.

I will fly from Seattle to St Louis or Kansas City and rent a car. I hope to share the ride with one or two or three others. If you want to ride with me, let me know and let's choose flights (and destination airport) that allow us to arrive about the same time.

Southwest Air has tickets for about $90 into St Louis or Kansas City, but I must make

reservations by next week to get those rates.

Who wants to share a car? Which city are you flying into? What's your arrival time?

Gary Brown

Ellensburg, WA

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