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Recirculating exhaust fan over gas range


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My training says that a recirculating exhaust fan can only be installed above an electric range, but that the exhaust fan over a gas range must be vented to the exterior. FWIW, the exhaust fan is part of an over the range microwave, in new construction.

Can anyone post a code reference (IRC or Cabo if applicable. Any other codes will do) that makes this requirement, or am I off my rocker? (That may be a whole different thread) I know the manufacturer specs may require this as well.

If possible, please cut and paste the applicable code so that I can reference it to a builder, as I do not have access to my code books at the time being.

Any help would be appreciated,

David Fogle


Augusta, Ga.

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I (almost) never see a exterior vented hood be it gas or electric. Takes the fumes, runs it through a cheap metal washable filter and blows it back in your face.

In realtorspeak - Helps cool you off while your cooking!

Know of no code that requires venting of a gas range.

As I think about it though, a lot of misconception abounds when it come to gas and CO. Gas, which burns clean, when burned correctly, is not a hazard when it comes to CO. You could leave a burner run on your stove top, with enough combustion air, and it wouldn't pose a CO threat ever.

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Here is a little experiment you can perform that will surprise you.

Zero your CO Detector

Turn on the gas range and measure

Get a pot of cold water and place it on the burner

Now measure.

SURPRISE! [:-bigeyes]

So do you need a vented hood and fan over a GAS range?

Now, go ask a professional cook that uses them for a living.

I turn my fan on PRIOR to using my gas range and stove.

Next one I buy will be electric.

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Rob and Terry are both right. If a gas burner is perfectly tuned, it will not produce any CO. However, once the flame is impinged by placing a pot on the burner, it will make some CO. If the burner is not perfectly adjusted, it gets worse.

Tryptophan isn't the only reason you get sleepy after Thanksgiving dinner.

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