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Will rats tend to pick a spot where they like to deposit their droppings or will it be randomly spread about?

Yesterday I was walking up a sidewalk to a front door and saw what looked like rat droppings on the sidewalk. There was at least 20-30 pieces within a 2 sq ft area. I figured, why all right here?

I looked up above the pile and about 6 ft high there is a corner trim piece for vinyl siding that is open on the bottom. This trim piece went all the way up and thru the vinyl soffit material. I suppose it terminated with an open end above the soffit. This pile of droppings was directly underneath this trim piece. I am wondering if there is vermin in the attic that has decided to use the open end of the corner trim as a "toilet" so to speak.

What about squirrel droppings? Do they look anything like rat droppings?

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