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I gotta agree with Chad. I've owned the Cosco brand ladder(It was ripped off.) and now own two of the Gorilla brand ladders. I've played with the Little Giant ladders a lot at trade shows and such and the only difference I really see is that the LG ladders have a smoother finish and were a lot lighter, which is to be expected since they weren't rated for as much weight as the Gorilla brand ladders. Being a little bit of a chubette, I need to have that additional weight.

The one thing I am irritated about is the way the danged c-ring retainers are rusting. Chad, do you know a source for some good stainless steel jezzus rings?



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I'm talking about the spring steel retaining rings that hold the knobs on their shafts and need a special expansion tool to open and remove.

I first heard that expression when I was going through the BOCES course in auto mechanics back in the 60's. The the instructor called 'em jezzus rings. I thought it was a dumb name, but could understand where it came from. After all, certain exclamations just seem to come out of one's mouth when a tiny part suddenly shoots off across the shop and disappears beneath the hood of another car or drops down into the inner workings of an engine.

The first time I used the expression to a local parts room guy, he knew exactly what I meant and came back with a whole assortment to choose from. I don't think I've ever known what their true technical name is, although retaining ring seems to fit.

OT - OF!!!


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