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Private HI's Dissed Big-Time In The Villages


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This article in The Villages Daily Sun makes it sound like all private home inspectors learned their trade from the back of a Cracker Jack box and that a home inspection is about as useless as a screen door on a submarine. What a shame that this is the perception of the public in a state with some of the most proficient and active home inspectors in the nation.

To read the entire article, click here.

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Poorly written article; it covers two different topics. It seems that home inspectors are scare mongers because homes in The Villages did not collapse completely. I'm not sure how that makes sense. Apparently, the standards of practice of a Florida home inspector should only cover the ability of a home to resist wind. I guess it'd be an easy report to write.

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What a crock . . .

People often ask me how problems with newer houses get overlooked by the AHJ. My canned response is, "If those guys knew how to do their jobs, I wouldn't have one."

As for licensing? Worthless. There's a licensed home inspector who sits on the KBHI that I wouldn't trust to check out a dog house.

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Originally posted by Scottpat

Makes it sound like the county is on the payroll of the Villages!

AHJ's are often under political pressure from the county or city boards they work under. The Villages probably represents an enormous financial boost to that county, in terms of jobs, fees, and taxes. This could also be an AHJ who just hates HI's in general.

I notice they don't cite any specific examples of HI's who made false claims about their wonderful "code compliant" construction, in either article.

Don't forget that this rag almost certainly IS owned by The Villages. They can order up as many anti-HI articles as they want, under the thin, false veneer of "journalism". The fox is writing articles about how security is just fine around the hen house... [:-mischie

Brian G.

It Looks Like PR, It Smells Like PR, It Must Be PR [:-yuck]

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