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Licensing Bill (HB 212) Passes the NH Senate


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Seattle, WA - January 18

A home inspector licensing law (HB 212) cleared the New Hampshire Senate yesterday. According to an article in the New Hampshire Business Review, If the bill makes it successfully through the state senate without changes and is signed into law by the governor, beginning in 2010, home inspectors in New Hampshire will need to complete all licensing requirements and be issued a license in order to practice.

As written, the bill would require that inspectors have a high school diploma, complete 80 hours of home inspection education, pass an exam approved by a newly-formed state licensing board, complete minimum annual continuing education requirements, and agree to a number of ethical guidelines; including prohibitions against compensating real estate agents for referrals, inspecting homes where they might benefit from indirect compensation or future referrals, and accepting compensation for referring contractors.

The bill passed the senate without debate on a voice vote. Only one senator cast a nay vote. That senator had voiced concerns based on the New Hampshire interNACHI chapter's objections to the state-mandated test, lack of reciprocity, and grandfathering provisions in the law.

To read the entire article click here.

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Leave it to Nick to complain!! C'mon NACHI, if you are as you say, the best of the best, step up to the plate and take the State mandated exam. In order to keep the playing field even, reject "Grandfathering" - there are a lot of olt time inspectors that are idiots too! We have some in Oregon but they only seem to get used by the "quick and easy" reeltors.

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