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Antique Binoculars: Do We Really Recognize Them?


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People all round the world like to collect stuffs. Some go for normal things like toys, paper, stamps, coins, photographs, but there are people who collect binoculars even though they are expensive. People usually collect antique binoculars as it is handed over to them from one generation to another.

If you are one among those people who want to collect binoculars then EBay is the place to go for as there are several auctions put up there. These antique binoculars are not that hard to find. There are many antique stores providing you a few pairs and even the optic shops will have few classy antique binoculars. Most of them often go to flea markets and yard sales to find few.

Some collectors have a cupboard full of antique field glasses. Field glasses are those that are used for outdoor purposes. This term however fell out of fashion with the entry of binoculars by the middle of nineteenth century.

The other type of binoculars that you see in a collector’s cupboard is the opera glasses. These are the classy glasses well suited for indoor events. It is most popularly used in theaters and concerts. These stylish binoculars were made of gold, silver and even jewels and were used as a manner to display wealth.

If you are desperate about buying a pair of binoculars my honest advice to you is to examine the lenses. The lenses should not look cloudy or blur. It is very hard to replace a broken or cloudy binocular lens. The same applies for a pair of prismatic binoculars, make sure the Bakelite eyepiece isn't damaged.

Most of the antique binoculars are covered with leather. Make sure the leather is in good condition. Like the lenses even the leather covering is very complicated and costly to replace. Consult a local saddler about cleaning the leather covering.

Refer some books on antique binoculars and its life span. Decide if you can lower the price of the binoculars.

While choosing a pair of binoculars see to it that all the parts are there and none of the parts are damaged. And also see if they are original. Carefully examine if they are still working.

Cautiously look for the numbers and markings on the binoculars. Any marks or prints that have been printed on the binoculars will make identifying the antique piece even easier.

Fro those who are interested in collecting the beautiful antique binoculars there are many books available in the stores. The Antique Telescope Society has a membership of around two hundred enthusiastic collectors of binoculars and it is an priceless resource for anyone interested in antique binoculars.[:-magnify

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