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report writing programs

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Mark Parlee here. Long time poster on JLC.

I have an exterior renovation company that and we specialize in correcting problems relating to moisture intrusion.

I am finding myself very busy inspecting homes with problems related to moisture intrusion and giving a report on what I find.

The way I have been doing it is in Publisher with captions describing the problems that are in the photos.

This is a very effective way for me to communicate to my client the problems they are experiencing but it is also a little time consuming.

i found this software and wonder if any of you have heard of it or are using it? Report Maker Pro


I am not doing complete home inspections so I do not need all the lines some of you use .

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I do have a sample report but am having a bit of problem with the upload


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You'd do better making your own template and standard comments than buying any of the report "writing" software, IMHO.

You're doing specialized work. The software programs, for the most part, are a wasteland of generalizations.

You could do well using InspectExpress. It's probably the most easily customizable, and the picture insertion component is very nice.

InspectExpress isn't hard to find; it's put out by the folks that run this site. They're good folks. Personable. Good service.

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