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name that part


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Originally posted by randynavarro

I just call it the plywood covering the floor framing.

Was it actually wet or just stained?

Wet is one thing. Stained wouldn't bug me being so close to the ground. Maybe it got wet from a wild hose or something one time. I can't recall ever finding any damage on these covers.

Thanks guys. Soffit. You are likely right but that may confuse the heck out of people.

Yes, it was wet and decayed. It was like this near, but not touching, where a deck stair assembly attached to the house. This soffit area was about 3' or so off the ground. Then the staining was intermitent about 3' away from the stair area. Kind of wierd.

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Originally posted by CheckItOut

I'm trying to describe some stained and wet wood but not sure what it is called. This house had an 18" horizontal overhang beyond the foundation wall. The underside of the overhang is covered with wood (framing above this). What is that wood covering called?

I think I'd call it the water-stained wood on the bottom of the overhang.


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A soffit is the exposed undersurface of any overhead component of a building.

A canteleiver is a Beam,girder,structural member or surface that projects horizontaly beyond it's vertical support, such as a wall or a column.

I would phrase it as :

The exterior wood finish attached to the first floor canteliever located at the northwest corner of the home.

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