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Home Inspector Badly Burned In An Explosion


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20081029142039_reding1.jpgPRESCOTT, AZ

Rescue personnel flew a middle-aged man suffering from severe burns to the Maricopa Burn Center after a probable furnace explosion Sunday morning destroyed the Williamson Valley home he shared with his 93-year-old father.

At about 8:30 a.m., an ambulance rushed John Redding from his burning home located in the 2300 block of Silver Juniper Ranch Road.

As a precaution, neighbors drove his father, Clay, to the Bob Stump VA Hospital in Prescott.

"It was totally engulfed when we arrived," incident commander Jim Kennedy said, referring to the home. "We are still investigating but it appears that the fire started when the son (John) lit the heater. The house is a total loss."

To read more click here.

Scott Warga's note: This incident happened two weeks ago but I just learned about it. John Reding is currently in an induced coma and is expected to recover but there's no way to know how long recovery will take. Since the Reding home was completely destroyed in the fire, there is a fund being set up to help Reding and his family. I will post details about the fund when they are available.

To read a second article about this incident, click here

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