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Homemade Fusion for the Bcam

Chris Bernhardt

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Same reason I bought the Fluke.

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They just changed the software ,1.9 to 2.0, which allows making changes mostly on one page. Anytime they can make it faster to make changes, I'm for it.

On the 2.0 verson, there is a 3-D option which makes the picture interesting to look at. I need to call them to see what the thought was behind adding this feature. It's interesting to look at but not sure how to use it for my clients.

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I just got my hands on a Flir b40, sometimes it's good to still have my day job, but I'm not too impressed with the software it came with. I can do any of the image functions either on the camera or in the software, but I cannot write comments. A nicely laid out easy to read report is a bonus, but would be much more useful if I could actually write in it. Is there any shareware/freeware that works better than or can fix the quirks in quickreport?

The b40 has 1mp digital and PIP built in, but that merge looks really cool.


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