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HGTVPro.com's Tool-a-Day Sweepstakes

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Hi All,

Thought I'd point you folks to this. Each day of the week, HGTV Pro features a new tool or construction product and give you a chance to enter the sweepstakes to win it. If you're their weekly winner, you can choose from the prizes they featured on the days you entered. So enter daily to increase your chances... and your choices!

To enter, click here.

WARNING: In order to enter the sweepstakes you have to register as an HGTVPro member. It's no big deal, it's free and it only takes a second to fill out each of three panels. However (There's always a however when you have a big WARNING notice, no?), today their site is unsually slow (it's normally much faster); andl, unless you're prepared to wait about 4 minutes for each page to load, you might want to come back and try again on another day.



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