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Water Pressure/Volume Gauges


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Originally posted by resqman

I only test pressure when requested by the client, usually during warranty inspections when they feel there is a problem. So far, the pressure has always been been outside of the 45-65 psi standard.

What standard says it's supposed to be between 45 & 65?

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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I did an inspection just last week where I reported a water pressure of 100 psi. I noted in the report that it exceeded the 80psi requirement and should have a pressure reducer installed. The client was interested in hearing this as he has had the pressure checked in the past and it was always in the 40 to 80 psi range, which is what we are required to report on here in Tx, until last year when they built a large apartment complex right across the street. Then it shot up to 120psi and once the complex opened and rented out he's down to the reported 100psi. He's now considering having the city install a pressure reducer. My client was happy that this was reported...now he knows.

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