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The TIJ Poll

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While all the poll questions and answers could be interesting, the first stock answer to many are stilted and I don't know why.

For instance, I wouldn't mind knowing how many HI's won't go on roofs (a lot, I reckon), or go in under-floor crawl spaces or attics (a lot, I would reckon), but the poll belittles such answers before they are answered so we are very unlikely to get an honest answer.

You're nuts, ain't no way I'm going on a roof . I use binoculars.

You be trippin; I don't move insulation for any reason. It's a VISUAL inspection.

I don't do crawlspaces; I have claustrophobia so I exclude them.

Heck no! It's a VISUAL inspection only. What planet do you live on?

What, are you on drugs? I'm not getting on any ladders; I exclude those areas!

Not me; it's a VISUAL inspection only you blockhead.

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I think there's nothing wrong with injecting a little humor into my day.

I don't know why anyone would not want to respond. There's nobody taking down names or broadcasting what anyone is saying. If there is, it's news to me and I think I'd be the one to know. The only way that any of you will know how anyone has responded is by reading their responses in the comments after the poll - the names and choices of those who've voted aren't displayed.

Besides, some folks get downright nasty when you disagree with their way of doing things and what comes out of their mouths when you get to that point can be pretty unprofessional; which brings us to those comments - except for the word "Blockhead" which I substituted for something else a fellow called me, every one of those are actual statements made to me by other inspectors over the years when we've been discussing/debating, sometimes rather heatedly, the home inspection process and what each of us considered a proper inspection.

If you think I can be blunt and abrasive on here, you should meet me in person. I'm not famous for sparing folks' feelings.

Don't hate; these're just straw polls, they'll get me the information I need for the project I'm working on.



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Yea, no national policies being re-written (but maybe Wasington state's. . . )

Maybe the lack of choices speaks to the wide range of things us inspector do and don't do. If the polls were to list all the choices, there may not be enough room in the database to hold them all.

I think the selections are good. They represent diverse methods.

Maybe that's disturbing. Maybe it's good.

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