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Free Eats!!!

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Hey All!

Don't know if everyone saw the commercial but up until 2:00 PM this is Free Grand Slam day at Denny's restaurants across the country. So, you folks on the east coast have about two more hours left to get over there for a Grand Slam lunch and we left coasters have about 5 hours left.

Hey, if things are slow and you haven't got a job scheduled today, why not? I just came back from scarfing mine up. Not bad, scrambled eggs, two pancakes, two sausage and two strips of bacon for free. A cup of joe and a tip to the waitress and I was out of there for less than 3 bucks.

I wish I'd had a bus, I would've gone around to all of the intersections and policed up all of those guys with their cardboard signs and hauled them over there to put something besides Thunderbird and Colt 45 in their stomachs.



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