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electric Furnace Sizing


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Did an inspection today

2000 sq. ft. home

Electric furnace ICG 1982

18Kw on 125 amp breaker

Furnace Rated 100Amp

What is the conversion for Kw to Btu?

So I can determine Btu output and find that furnace is or no sufficiently sized


Figure 3412 BTU/hr is about the same as 1 Kw/hr.

Electric furnaces down here in the states usually come in 5kw increments. I've never heard of an 18kw furnace.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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Do you just use BTUs to determine if the furnace is sized correctly? Is there any consideration given to ceiling and wall insulation and to window U-factors and SHG? Do you do a blower door and duct blaster to check the leakage? I do not think using BTUs alone will give use an accurate answer. Use Manual J to properly size a ubit.

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