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insulation blowers


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Best to you in your new venture, Paul.

Trouble here is as home inspectors, I'm almost sure none of us actually installs insulation, therefore you probably won't get any responses.

There's some of us, though, who might have some tips on how to re-loft the stuff after trampling or crawling through an attic. . .. ahem, (Mike O).

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First you need to know what kind of insulation you're blowing or better said what you will be recommending to your customers.

You might want to approach the manufacturer and get their experience with the equipment that's out there.

Ask if they lease to purchase.

Enroll in their training program if they have one and become certified.

Have you thought about offering specialty foam application based on sound building envelope engineering? That might set you apart from the other 498 insulators out there.

Just a thought.

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