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Affidavit of Fixture???

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I think that it is called an Affidavit of Affixture. This has to do with it being considered "Real Property". They want to know if it is attached to a sewer, the wheels have been removed, etc. They want to make sure that it is now a permanent fixture and can't be pulled away in a few minutes to an new address. Check with the lender for the proper form. Not a big deal, I did one a few years ago. I charged for my time, it took less than thirty minutes to look and the house and fill out the form.

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Originally posted by Donald Lawson

Scott, actually the lender has no clue either. So far from what I researched it's a legal document stating what you explained.

I also think you're correct about the "afixture".


If the lender has no idea then I would say that they (the lender) needs to do some research and get you the needed form or they are SOL![:-banghead]

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I did a google search on "affadavit of fixture" and got one hit - a mobile home real estate ad from Arizona. I did one on "Affadavit of afixture" and got over 900 hits and lots of docs pertaining to lender guidelines requiring such an affadavit when lending against a new manufactured home. Go over to google and poke around. I'm sure if you take a little time you'll find what you're looking for. It would probably be simpler to just call the lending institution and ask them to fax you a copy of an affadavit from a previous transaction with the personal information blacked out. Why not call your own lender and talk to your loan officer about it?

OT - OF!!!


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