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Another date of manufacture question...


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This was in a condo i did today, the electric furnace was installed horrizontile in the top of a closet, and the compressor was in a closet on the balcony. The condo was built 37 years ago. Both manufactured by DNP Company (division of Carrier),

Furnace: Serial # 38B 48562


Compressor: Serial #4C 14241


Any idea what the date of manufacture are, they both looked old, lots of corrosion.

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The best way is to buy a Preston's guide

Second best way is to take a picture of the data plate and put that up.

Furnace looks to be an 85.

No idea on the compressor serial numbers. Do you have the serial number of the outside unit itself or just the compressor.

DNP stands for Day/Night/Payne

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Week followed by year for Bryant code 1964 to 1979

Furnace is the 38th week of 1973.

Compressor is 4th week of 1974.

or Day and Night 70 and later

Letter month followed by year of manufacture - beginning in 1970 which would be:

Furnace is February 1974

Compressor is March 1971.



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