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Need help identifying this roof covering


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Need help identifying this roof covering and what is the manufactures expected life? Also I don’t think the flashing cap around the perimeter is installed correctly. The roofer installed the roof covering over the top of the flashing cap instead of the cap over the roof covering. I don’t know exactly how this should be installed. Any insight is appreciated.

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It looks like modified bitumen (modbit - usually referred to as a "torchdown") membrane. Anywhere from 15 to 35 years depending on quality and whether it's coated with protective granules or not.

It's a "coping" not a flashing cap. The roof membrane is installed over a cants strip and should go up and over the top of the parapet lip and then the coping is installed on top.

Google modbit single-ply membrane installation instructions.



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That does look like and APP Mod Bit and the reason the membrane is not sealed to the metal, in photo 2, is because the metal was not prepared properly. It should have been etched or scratched, then primed with an asphalt primer. If it is a stripping ply and not a field sheet then it's fine. It's not a coping, it's a gravel stop. Here is a detail that looks pretty darn close.

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