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Do the Netbook computers work for Home Inspecting?

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Just curious, I'm getting ready to buy a new laptop, but if the netbooks work, maybe I'll go that way. Anyone using a Netbook with Inspector Pro or Home Gauge?

Thanks, Charlie

Why not! I just picked up two HP Netbooks and they have more power than my laptop and one of our desktop computers. 1 Gig Ram and 160 Gig hard drive, 6 hour battery, mobile broadband (if I want to subscribe), etc.

Although they are compact and full of power I would not use a Netbook as my main computer. My son calls it a Hello Kitty computer!

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I have a toughbook T7 with xp that i run Palm-Tech on & i love it, weighs about 3lbs & i have dropped it more than once & its waterproof, just wish the had strap would have been more durable, it has broke & i cant find a replacement.

Its is much lighter than the 19 my partner uses, i bought it off of ebay over a year ago, they said it was a demo, have never had a problem with it, battery last all day, they say 9 hours & im sure i have gone that long or longer with it.


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Charlie, plenty of inspectors use the netbooks, but don't forget about the 9" tablet, basically a touchscreen netbook. CTLCorp.com has the CTL2go. I recommend sticking with the Windows XP version as it's cheaper. Windows 7 is nice but not necessary. For $499 it can't be beat, and it's created directly by Intel.

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