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Hopefully three phase wiring is among your forte's along with sprinkler systems, commercial egress issues, grease traps and handicap accessibility. I've never done a restaurant inspection, but from what I've read things like indoor air quality, fire service around the fryer and clear paths near and around the ovens are also issues.

Kurt's probably done a thousand diners, he'll kick in.

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ASTM E 2018-01

Get it. It outlines the standards for commercial inspection. Even if you don't follow all the guidelines presented, you will at least know what the ASTM standards are, & can either meet them or disclaim them in your report. If you were ever to be sued for a commercial inspection gaffe, you will be judged relative to this standard.

That said, commercial inspections are much easier than home inspections. The average commercial client isn't concerned about the odd broken window pane or outlet w/ voltage drop; they want to know big picture stuff.

If you are not proficient in a particular area, find someone who is & pay them as a subcontractor to help you in the analysis.

I could go on @ length about commercial inspections; do you have specific questions?

And, yes; I've done my share of diners & restaurants. Do you know what a "safe drain" is? How about grease traps? Fire suppression? Ventilation hoods over ranges? Do you know what "the line" is? How to install a commercial dishwasher? What about temperatures of hot water necessary to provide sanitization? I think you get the idea. Restaurants & diners are not strip malls; there are specifics you will need to know.

Forget checklist report systems; they are less than worthless for commercial work. You have to write a real report.

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I know about grease traps and fire supression, as well as hoods. No idea what a safe drain is or "the line". I do have an electrician who is going to be at the inspection with me as well. This diner, I believe, is going to converted into office space instead of being used as a diner again, so that will make a difference, but I want to make sure I cover it well in case someone changes their mind down the road. Where would I find the ASTM E 2018-01?

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http://www.astm.org/cgi-bin/SoftCart.ex ... ?E+mystore

Search for E2018; I think it was $49 or thereabouts.

Your job is a perfect example of why commercial inspections can be easier than residential. Your customer is gonna tear everything out anyway, & they mainly want to understand structure, roofing, exterior, & mechanical systems.

Smart move bringing the electrician; that's what I do, along w/ an HVAC guy. Write a good report, make money, do it again.

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