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Reader Takes Stone To Task re. Heat Exchanger


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No one is going to argue effectively that holes in the HE are OK, and no one is going to convince me that small holes or cracks in the HE are particularly dangerous.

They're both citing "studies" that are not referenced; there seems to be a little one-upsmanship on both sides.

I'v tested hundreds of HE's with holes big enough to push a cat through, with no measurable CO. I've found CO in properties with no defects in the HE or venting arrangements.

Who's right?

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Yeah, I think anyone that sets out to argue with a well regarded columnist is sorta shooting themselves in the foot. You're never going to have the last word, and what goofball is going to argue, in print, that holes in a HE are OK?

Oh yeah, that goofball.......even though I agree with him.....

I always feel lucky when I find holes in HE's, because that's what it takes most of the time.....luck, achieved by being thorough and diligent.

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Yeah, I was going more with the "to look upon or think of with a particular feeling" kind of thing.

Although, I respect the guy quite a bit, even though I disagree with him all the time.

All columnists, sooner or later, put up some stinkers (even Walter & Royko). It's the curse of having to reinvent yourself every day in writing.

That's hard work.

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