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Clarification would be helpful


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It was impossible, due to arrangement, to read the label on this component. This is an old oil-fired boiler. Is this a T & P valve? I'm not certain. What has me wondering is that near the boiler IS a removed T & P valve which I was familiar with. I've not seen one quite like this before (the one installed, if in fact that is what it is), so if you're familiar with this particular component, I'd greatly appreciate confirmation, as I'm writing the report this morning. I'm already aware of the lack of an extension tube.

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Thanks in advance!

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There is a nut on top of it? Got a picture showing the whole thing?

Never mind, saw a shot in your other post.

Doesn't look like any safety valve I've ever seen. All the safety valves I've seen on boilers have a lift handle to manually pop them. Perhaps one of the other gents knows.

Got a pic without the date stamped over it (referring to the pic in your other post)?

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I'm pretty sure it (was) a pressure-only relief valve - like the type used in fairly high-pressure water systems that use positive displacement pumps. They're installed on the pressure side of pumps to help prevent damage to a pump if there is blockage in the system. It is not manufactured for boilers or water heaters.

Where the brass nut is attached to the bronze body, there should be a T-handle valve for adjusting the pressure.

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Thanks Bill, I didn't think it looked right. I called for an extension tube and confirmation by a licensed HVAC contractor that the proper components were in place.

That was the least of this homes problems since the block foundation wall was so buckled in that the floors were pushed up about two inches. It was bad and in need of immediate arrest, before it all together failed.

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