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Sewage ejector line


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For what it's worth, this is from the 2006 IPC

712.3.5 Ejector connection to the drainage system.

Pumps connected to the drainage system shall connect to the

building sewer or shall connect to a wye fitting in the building

drain a minimum of 10 feet (3048 mm) from the base of

any soil stack, waste stack or fixture drain. Where the discharge

line connects into horizontal drainage piping, the

connector shall be made through a wye fitting into the top of

the drainage piping.


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3007.1 does not appear to address the install and I don't have a copy of the UPC. By chance can you post the UPC reference?


710.4 The discharge line from such ejector, pump, or other mechanical device shall be provided with an accessible backwater or swing check valve and gate or ball valve. If the gravity drainage line to which

such discharge line connects is horizontal, the method of connection shall be from the top through a wye branch fitting. The gate or ball valve shall be located on the discharge side of the backwater or

check valve.

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