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Can I run a sub-panel off of a sub-panel?


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My practice, when I was contracting in electrical, was to keep the breaker serving the subpanel at no more than half the ampacity of the main breaker. The reason for this was to reduce the chance of a fault on the subpanel from tripping the main breaker. It's a big inconvenience to the customer when that happens.

The same plan is applied for any panel feeding off of a subpanel.


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why not just install a properly sized service and panel to take care of the load if theyre all in the same area? then you can feed the garage panel directly from there,or am i missing something here?

Thanks for trying - you're not missing anything.

I'm getting ready to rip out the original service for a major remodel. However, before I do that, I need to get more power to the garage in order to start and complete the remodel. You know, power tools, tablesaw etc..

So, I need new sub to the garage and then I'll upgrade the main service at the house.

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