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Taped B vent seams


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This New Construction has every joint on the B vent for the water heater taped with what appears to be either aluminum or aluminum mastic tape. Is the tape a problem? I don't see the need for taping it in the first place.


I agree. Here's what I usually say...

Investigate Further Some of the water heater flue piping is covered with tape. The tape may be there to cover poorly assembled joints, or it might be covering rusted-through pipe sections. The glue on the tape can melt, the tape can fall off the flue pipe, and if the tape is covering defective piping and falls off, this could pose a carbon monoxide hazard. I don’t know if the piping under the tape is defective, but that’s the point; I should be able to see the pipe to make sure it’s okay. The taping should be removed, and the flue pipe should be inspected and fixed if needed.

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