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How To Clear An A/C Drain Line Easily


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Those are nice to have on an AC service truck for the easier clogs. Sometimes it's still necessary to replace condensate traps or 3/4 PVC lines when the clog is stubborn. I've rarely found the plumber's provided 2" drain opening to clog. That's why it's best to have it close to the evaporator coil.


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I used to have a two heat pump system and the second floor unit condensate drain clogged frequently. Could never figure out why. It was 3/4 inch plastic pipe. I cut a section of bicycle inner tube about 3 or 4 inches either side of the shrader valve. You could position it with the valve over the pipe end, secure the tube by hand, and apply a low pressure shot from a portable compressor. It usually took between 20 and 40 psig to clear it. Good to go till next year. Never saw any crud accumulation on the coil.


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