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I haven't seen one of these before and there was no manufacturer data plate on this. The only thing I could figure this for was an old alarm system relay, the attached receptacles were a good hint. The blue wiring was "hot" when tested with a non contact voltage sniffer, the on/off switch was in the off position when tested. The receptacles were live when the on/off switch was turned on. The ampere needle did not fluctuate at all when in either on or off mode. If anyone has information on the actual use for this I would appreciate it as I am in the midst of writing the report. Sorry for the low res pics I forgot to change settings prior to taking these.

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Two incoming branch circuits.

Two outlets. Both have neutral bonded to the ground.

Component with a label above it with the letter 'E' in it. Relay?

Ampmeter with 15 amps at midscale

Two pole toggle switch labeled 'charging switch' with on/off labels.

Two incoming (2 conductor) fixture wires.

Before I could figure anything, wife says 'safe room'?

I say...Tandem battery charge circuits for the safe room?

Sorry Amerispect. Can't figure anything else.


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The "E" you see on the panel says relay which is the only other marking other than charging switch. The unit was on an interior wall in an unfinished portion of the basement in an 1960's ranch. Below is the only site I could find that has a product even remotely that resembles the relay box I saw.


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