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starting in radon, need help with SOP and QAP


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Some do, some don't. Looking over the guide that I linked to, it seems the your state's requirements are especially onerous.

Have you looked into Radalink's pay per test plan? If you aren't going to do many tests, that would be somewhat cheaper. I'm not suggesting you do this, but you could lease monitors from them for a year or so, then return them, buy your own monitors and use their QAP/SOP as a framework for making your own.

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RadaLink is a time versus money thing.

Some choose to use their time. I choose to use my money.

I give them money becuase I have better things to do with my time than maintain worker exposure records, quality control records, machine calibration records, machine calibratiions, standard operating procedures, etc, etc.

RadaLink makes my radon testing painless and profitable and they provide great back up when I need it. And, it puts a nice chunk of change in my pocket. I share a small chunk of that change with them to take the paperwork load off my back.

Money or time.

To each their own!


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